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Anatoly Motkin
Founder and President, StrategEast, US

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Anatoly Motkin is a Founder and President of StrategEast, the Center for a New Economy with a mission to reinforce the values of inclusivity, connectivity, gender equality and equal opportunities in Eurasian countries through the digital economy.

Being a successful technology investor with years of experience in public consulting and media entrepreneurship in US, EU and the Eurasian region, he began his career as a media manager and later moved to strategic consulting. Mr. Motkin has served as an advisor and investor to both the public and private sectors, by successfully backing a number of IT projects.

Mr. Motkin’s extensive background has led him to deepen his focus on the development of knowledge driven economy and IT industry in Eurasian region. In 2017 Mr. Motkin has founded StrategEast – a non profit center for a new economy.

Working as an adviser to governments in Eurasia and the West, international financial institutions and development agencies, Mr. Motkin has consistently shown his dedication to improving business practices and government transparency.

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