The  theme for 8th Pakistan CIO Summit 2020 is 'Exploring Next Generation Technologies'. Last few years have seen many new technologies surfacing and challenging the way we work. Machine Learning, AI, 5G, Block Chain and Quantum Computing are just around the corner to be explored and they are bound to impact our technology ecosystem. CIOs are preparing to reshape their organizations to embrace this new era of multiple innovations and automations for optimizing investment, efficiencies and better satisfying customer demands. Also, among the confluence of technology and business, the CIOs need to counter the ever increasing risk of data and information security.


8th Pakistan CIO Summit 2020 would features Keynote presentations, panel discussions, talks and solutions regarding how the CIOs should approach Next Generation Technologies. Join us to hear the views of the leaders in the industry who are at the forefront of these challenges.

Summit is fragmented into an inaugural and two technical sessions.

Technical Session 1: 'Embracing Next Generation Technologies'

Technical Session 2: 'Countering Security Risks in the New Paradigm'

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