The  theme for 8th Pakistan CIO Summit 2022 is 'CIOs: From Tech Enablers to Business Leaders'. The companies world over are finding new ways to digitally connect with their customers post pandemic. The need of leaders who understand technology as well as know business is now more than ever. The role of CIOs have evolved in the recent past from being tech enablers to business leaders. 


8th Pakistan CIO Summit 2022 will get together CIOs, CISOs and IT Heads from all over Pakistan to discuss how to steer across the challenges of new role expected of them. Join us to hear the views of the technology leaders who will assess how to not only upgrade their knowledge and skills to match the requirements but also find new ways to collaborate with each other to make their organizations meet their business goals.

Summit is fragmented into an inaugural and two technical sessions.

Technical Session 1: 'CIOs: From Tech Enablers to Business Leaders'

Technical Session 2: 'Evolving Role of CISOs in the New Paradigm'